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"Inutuq, Sacred Whale. Whale Fetish Form"

With this sculpture, I wanted to honor the Northern Inupiat's favorite whale.
For the northern Inupiat tribes particularly, the Inutuq is a prized catch. It is of the Bow Head Whale species. There are two main species of the bowhead whale that travel in the north where my people come from. This is the favorite. It is smaller, rounder and has sweeter meat.

A fetish like this, though in much smaller form, would be in the Whaling Captain's special place when stored and tied on to the umiak or skin boat for luck in the hunt. It would also be used in ceremonies ensuring good hunting.


Inutuq, Sacred Whale

Bronze w/black & white patina. 48" X 24" X 24".
Ed. Of 12. 1997.

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