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"Qanattaaluk / Portrait Bronze"

This bronze sculpture is my artist's proof of a life sized bronze commissioned piece of a respected Inupiat elder from Barrow. He, one of the first Inupiaq teachers, was also a respected political figure. While I dressed him in contemporary traditional wear, as in his photographs, his dress is typical of other successful contemporary Inupiat.

The wolverine ruff and boot or kammik (mukluk) trim signifies a person of high standing. The wolverine is a powerful creature and its fur is highly prized for its beauty and the ability to not freeze in the coldest weather. I wanted to translate the regal bearing of the man and the Inupiat heritage he represents.


Artist's Proof Bronze on a white marble base.

24 ½" X 10" X 6".
Edition of 4. 06/01.

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