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"Looking into Seal Hole"

In the winter, which starts in late August, the sea is nothing but ice with an attitude. Winter storms and currents move the sea ice creating small mountains and unstable ice conditions. To make a living off it, the hunter needs to know the habits and complexities of the ice sea. The experience of the elder Inupiat hunter/shaman is the only place to learn how to create a fully prosperous life with it.

As the ice seal and polar bear swim under the ice, hunting them demands skill and a lot of patience. One of the oldest techniques is to sit totally silent and still beside a breathing hole barely visible through the covering of snow, until a seal comes up for a breath of air. Then, the hunter has the opportunity to provide meat for his family. This is Bronze Sculpture is my interpretation of an Inupiat hunter waiting patiently for an unsuspecting seal or polar bear to come up for air.


6 ½"X 5"X 4 ½".
Edition of 40. 1989.

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