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Lawrence (Larry) Ulaaq R. Ahvakana

PO Box 1052 (360) 394-7864 . Suquamish, WA 98392-1052 email: ulaaq@msn.com
1966-69 Institute of American Indian Arts, Santa Fe, NM.

1969-70 Cooper Union School of Art. New York, NY.

1970-72 Rhode Island School of Design - BFA Degree. Providence, RI.


1973–74   Barrow High School, Barrow, AK

1975-77    Visual Arts Center/Sculpture.  Anchorage, AK

1977-80    Institute of American Indian Arts/Sculpture & Glass.  Santa Fe, NM

1980-On   Self-employed Artist

Board Memberships & Committees

1976             “Earth Fire and Fiber” Show.  Anchorage Museum of History & Art, Anchorage, AK

1997 – 2000  Indian Art Northwest.  Co-Chair for the Artist’s Council Board.  Portland, OR

1997 – 2000   Northwest Native American Wood Carver’s Association, Olympia, WA

1998 – 2002  Jensen Arctic Museum.  Board Member.  Monmouth, OR

2002             Portland University Native American Art Project Committee Member.  Portland, OR

2006             ICC Barrow, AK  Art Selection Committee
Workshops, Lectures & Residency
1972-74  Artist-in-Residence, Glassblowing. N. E. A. Grant. Barrow, AK.
1974      Artist in the Schools, AK State Council on the Arts, Fairbanks, AK; Nome, AK.
               Ivory Carving, World Craft Council. Toronto, Ontario, Canada.
1985      Artist in Residence, Pilchuck Glass School. Stanwood, WA.
1986      Contemporary Native Artist Workshop. University of AK, Fairbanks, AK.
1994      Inupiat Dance & Alaskan Indigenous Arts, Inst. of Am. Indian Arts Museum & School. Santa Fe, NM.
2000      Southwest Stone Carving Symposium, Jemez Springs, NM.

2001 Southwest Stone Carving Symposium,
               Jemez Springs, NM

Museum & Corporate Collections

Alaska State Museum, Juneau, AK.                         *  Anchorage Historical & Fine Arts Museum, Anch., AK

Arctic Slope Regional Corporation.  Barrow, AK.      *  Atlantic Richfield Corporation.  Anchorage, AK

British Petroleum of America.  New York, NY.          *   Eben Hopson Middle School, Barrow, AK

Fred Ipalook Elementary School, Barrow, AK.         *  Inst of American Indian Arts Museum.  Santa Fe, NM

North Slope Borough Office.  Barrow, AK.               *  Portland Art Museum.  Portland, OR

Washington State Arts Commission.  Olympia, WA.  *  Anchorage Airport Terminal.  Anchorage, AK
Burke Museum, Seattle, WA.                                  *  Alaska Native Medical Center, Anc., AK

Representing Galleries

Ahvakana Fine Art.  Suquamish, WA.

Alaska Native Arts Foundation, Anchorage, AK. & Alaska House, New York, New York

Boreal Traditions @ Captain Cook Hotel, & Northern Legacies @ Anchorage Hilton, Anchorage, AK.

Home & Away.  Kennebunkport, ME.

Northwest By Northwest Galleries, Cannon Beach, OR

Quintana Galleries.  Portland, OR.


2008  Alaska House.  Opening reception of the new Alaska Native Arts Gallery in NY.  Soho Dist, NY, NY

        Glass Arts of Native America, 4 person show @ Quintana Gallery, Portland, OR
        “Tales from the Tundra.”  Stonington, Sea., WA (& continued representation)
        “The 60’s, A Revolution Begins.”  IAIA, Santa Fe, NM
        ‘Alaska Native Art Auction.” Koahnic Broadcasting, Corp., Anch, AK
         Alaska Native Arts Found.,

         Boreal Traditions - Continued representation,

2007  “Changing Hands – Art Without Reservation 2”  Philbrook Museum of Art.  Tulsa, OK
         ANAF, Boreal Traditions, Quintana Galleries & Stonington. - Continuted representation. 

2006  Featured Artist @ the International ‘Inuit Circumpolar Conference.’  Barrow, AK.
         ”Larry Ahvakana, Inupiat Artist.”  Home & Away Gallery.  Kennebunkport, ME.
         ”Small Sculpture Big Ideas”.  Bainbridge Island Arts and Crafts.  Bainbridge Island.  WA.
         ”Northern Brilliance.”  Stonington Gallery.  Seattle, WA.
         ”In the Spirit: NW Native Arts Market & Festival”  Washington State Historical Society.  Tacoma, WA
         “Changing Hands – Art Without Reservation 2”  IAIA, Santa Fe, NM. &

2005  “Lawrence R. “Ulaaq” Ahvakana Show.  Paper & Glass.”  A year long show. Jens’ Restaurant.  Anch., AK.
         Slovenia Embassy via the Art in Embassy’s Program, Washington, DC.  

         “Changing Hands – Art Without Reservation 2”  Museum of Art & Design.  New York, NY.

         “Larry Ahvakana”  Quintana Galleries, Portland, OR.

         “Native Arts Now – Alaska 2005”  Kenai Visitors and Cultural Center.  Kenai, AK.

2004  “Walk in the Woods”  Art Studio Tour of N. Kitsap County, WA.

         “Boats”  Bainbridge Island Arts and Crafts gallery.  Bainbridge Is., WA.

         Alaska Native Artists Show, Sotheby’s.  New York, New York.

2003  Indian Market – Santa Fe, New Mexico.

         “Expressions in Metal.”  Images of the North.  San Francisco, CA.

         “Walk in the Woods’  Art Studio Tour of North Kitsap Co.

         “Traditions in Cedar”  Contemporary Craft Gallery.  Portland, OR.

2002 - 2005. “Fusing Traditions, Transformations in Glass by Native American Artists.”  Museum of Craft & Folk      
          Art,San Francisco, CA. Craft & Folk Art Museum, Los Angeles, CA; Heard Museum, Phoenix, AZ; Santa
          Cruz Museum of Art & History, Santa Cruz, CA; Anchorage Museum of History & Art, Anch., AK; Alaska
          State Museum, Juneau, AK; Mashantucket Pequot Museum and Research Center, Mashantucket, CN,
          Burke Museum, Seattle, WA.

2002   “Helping Spirits” Images of the North, San Francisco, CA.

          “Cultural Edge II: Contemporary views of Native Artists.  Lower Columbia Com. Coll.  Longview, WA.

          “Lawrence R. “Ulaaq” Ahvakana Show.”  Jens’ Restaurant.  Anchorage, AK.

2002   Featured Artist, Whales Tale in the Captain Cook. Anchorage, AK.
2001   "Fred Ipalook." Life size portrait sculpture installation. Fred Ipalook Elementary. Barrow, AK.
          "Two Visions." Bainbridge Island Arts & Crafts, Bainbridge Is., WA.
           Gathering of Nations Celebration, Wenatchee, WA.
2000  Indian Market 2000. Indian Art Northwest. Portland, OR.
         "Cultural Edge: Contemporary Views of Native Artists." Lower Columbia Coll., Longview, WA.
         "Faces of the North." Suquamish, WA.
         "Larry Ahvakana & Lillian Pitt” offered by Jeffrey Moose Gallery at the Alexis Hotel, Seattle, WA.
1999  Indian Market '99. Indian Art Northwest. Portland, OR.
         "Inua, The Spirit of Alaska." Images of the North. San Francisco, CA.
         "Native American Art", Bainbridge Arts & Crafts. Bainbridge Island, WA.
1998  Featured Artist. Jeffrey Moose Gallery. Seattle, WA.
         "Healing Arts." American Psychological Assoc. Exhibition. Washington, D.C.
         Indian Market '98. Indian Art Northwest. Portland, OR.
         “Inupiaq Ceremony in Sculpture.” Western Oregon University. Monmouth, OR.
         "As Culture Changes: Traditional and Contemporary Alaska Native Art." Pratt Museum, Homer, AK.
         "Raven." Quintana Galleries, Portland, OR.
         "Inuit Art Exhibition." Inuit Circumpolar Conference, Nuuk, Greenland.
         "Celebrating the Season: Vessels for the Feast." Stonington Gallery, Seattle, WA.
         Snow Goose Gallery. Seattle, WA.

1997 “Lawrence R. “Ulaaq” Ahvakana Show.” Jens’ Restaurant. Anc, AK.
         Opening & Sculpture Gift Presentation to Katuaq, Performing Art Center of Greenland. Nuuk, Greenland.
         “NW Meets NE: Contemp. Art of the NE.” Am. Indian Comm. House Gallery/Museum. NY, NY.
1996   Memorial Exhibition for Allen House, Institute of American Indian Art Museum. Santa Fe, NM.
         “Romance of the Land: Native Northwest Visions.” Bellevue Art Museum. Bellevue, WA.
1995   “From the Earth XI.“ American Indian Contemporary Arts. San Francisco, CA.
          Invitational Exhibition. Northwest College of Art. Poulsbo, WA.
          Featured Artist Show. Anchorage Historical & Fine Arts Museum. Anchorage, AK.
          “Sculpture 95.” Sacred Circle of American Indian Arts. Daybreak Star Center, Seattle, WA.
1994   “Native Alaskan Expressions.” Images of the North Gallery. San Francisco, CA.
           “Northern Legacy: Alaska Native Contemporary & Traditional Art.” NW Folklife Festival. Seattle, WA.
1993   “Native Visions '93.” Pico Rivera Centre for the Arts. Pico Rivera, CA.
1992   “Arctic Visions.” Quintana Gallery, Portland, OR.
          “Faces of the Soul, Mask Exhibition.” 1078 Gallery. Chico, CA.
          “Healing the Sacred Hoop.” Shoreline Amphitheatre. Palo Alto, CA.
          “Visions from Native America, Contemporary Art for the Year of the Indigenous People,” U.S.
             Senate Rotunda, Washington, D.C.
1991   “Lawrence R. Ahvakana Show.” Stetter Gallery. Phoenix, AZ.
          “Visions of Alaska.” Denise Wallace Studio. Santa Fe, NM.
1990   “Bending Traditions,” University of Alaska Museum. Fairbanks, AK.
1987   “Other Gods.” Municipal Art Museum. Los Angeles, CA.
          “Third Biennial Native American Fine Arts Invitational.” Heard Museum, Phoenix, AZ.
1986   Anchorage Historical & Fine Arts Museum. Anchorage, AK.
          Contemporary Art Center. New Orleans, LA.
          “Exhibition of Contemporary Art, Native Masks, Alaskamuit & Alaskaland.” Fairbanks, AK.
          “Other Gods/Containers of Belief (Fondo Del Sol).” Everson Museum. Syracuse, NY.
          “Pilchuck/ The Creative Fire.” Washington State Museum. Olympia, WA.
1985   “Contemporary Native American Artist of Washington.” WA State Museum, Olympia, WA.
1984   “Lawrence R. “Ulaaq” Ahvakana Show.” Arctic Bay Trading Company. Carmel, CA.
          Major Artists in Contemporary Glass, Washington State Museum. Olympia, WA.
1983   “Alaska's Art in Washington, DC.” Senate Office Building.
           “CARE / Auction.” Inuit Circumpolar Conference. Washington, DC.
1982    “Exhibition of Contemporary Pacific Rim Art.” Field Museum, Chicago, IL.
           “Uniquely American, Exhibition of Contemporary - Traditional Art.” Artrain. Detroit, MI.
1981   “Sister-Brother Show.” Artique Gallery. Anchorage, AK.
          Three Person Show. Sacred Circle Gallery of American Indian Art.

1980 “Sixth Annual Sculpture Show,
          Shadoni Foundry.” Tesuque, NM.
1979   “Indian Exhibition.” Santa Fe Festival of the Arts. Santa Fe, NM.
1978   “Alaskan Art.” Smithsonian Institute. Washington, DC.
         “Staff Show.” Institute of American Indian Arts. Santa Fe, NM.


          “Lawrence R. Ahvakana Solo Exhibition.” Alaska State Museum, Juneau, AK.
          “Lawrence R. Ahvakana, Featured Artist.” Anchorage Historical and Fine Arts Museum, Anchorage, AK.
          “Survival: Life & Art of the Alaskan Eskimo.” Newark Museum, NJ.
1974 & 76 “Earth, Fire, & Fiber Show.” Anchorage Historical & Fine Arts Museum. Anchorage, AK.
1974 & 75 “All Alaska Juried Art Show.” Anchorage Historical & Fine Arts Museum. Anchorage, AK.

Native American Art by Larry Ahvakana 

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